The 10 Stages of Coming Back to Work After the Holidays

Holidays are the most sought-after days, be it for a working professional or a child in school. This is the time we can kick back and have some quality time with family, friends and ourselves. You can use this time to catch on some quality reading on PaySpi too.

When it is time to come back to work, not everyone would be keen to get back to routine. So, what are the various stages you go through when you get back to work from your holidays? Here are the 10 common stages most of us go through:

  1. Realization – The very first step is realizing your holidays are coming to an end. Though you may have a day or two left, you are faced with the reality that it is time to get back to routine.
  2. Regret – Next stage is where one regrets not doing certain things or wasting the time doing nothing. Though you would have felt extremely relaxed, doing nothing useful, now you will be regretting letting that time go.
  3. Rush – If you had certain projects to finish or tasks to complete, you will try to race against time to complete it before you have to get back to work.
  4. Hope – Next you will hope for some miracle or event to prolong your holidays.
  5. Energy Burst – Next you will experience a sudden burst of energy and optimism that you are back to work and you will be able to do it very well. This energy is to cover your depression of getting back to work.
  6. Day Dreaming – Once you are at your desk, you will find yourself daydreaming about the holidays and the good times you had the last few days.
  7. Recall – Next you would look through photos or messages on your phone or otherwise and recall all that you did these last few days and probably message the people involved too.
  8. Drained – Next you notice you are too drained to carry on with your regular routine. Your entire routine has gone off course and you will find it difficult to get back on track.
  9. Pretend – You pretend to be happy to be back and pretend to enjoy all conversations with Especially the one you were happy to be away from these past few days.
  10. Await Day End – You can’t wait for the day to end so that you can go straight to bed or call your buddy and recall all the fun times you had last few days.